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Can i use a 5v 2a charger with a 5v 1a device

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The reason for using higher voltage is because you need thicker wiring to handle higher currents, and you get loss through resistance and heat. So with a 5v only charger the MM probably will draw only 2A max, which is only 10W. The 18w charger can deliver, and the MM accept [email protected] Many found MM charges even faster with a higher wattage QC.

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So unless it has some current limiting device in it, it should be able to supply 2A or so for a couple of hours. ... It's not possible to convert 5V at 1.5A to 10V at 0.8A. If the charger draws 0.8A at 10V from the dc-dc converter then the dc-dc converter will try and draw at least 1.6A from the 5V power bank. ... If the current is not.

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Jul 19, 2015 · The device that the charger is plugged into determines the current drawn from the charger. So if that is 1A it will draw 1A whether you use a 2A or 2,000,000A charger. The voltage however must be an exact match for the device. So plugging a 10V charger into a 5V device is potentially going to cause far more harm than plugging a 2A charger into ....

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